I’m Hailey Rocko, the proud owner of Perfectly Personal! I live in the heart of the Ozark Mountains in Springdale, Arkansas with my husband, Joe and our son Oliver. I’ve lived in Arkansas my whole life (WPS!) and my husband is from Phoenix, Arizona. We love the small town feel of Northwest Arkansas and can’t see ourselves living anywhere else!

I’m blessed to have married my best friend and biggest supporter. Joe is always making jokes about my accent, affinity for monograms, and obsession with Fixer Upper. I refer to our home as my wannabe farm house and am always looking for subtle ways to add personalization to our home. What can I say? I’m a true southern girl at heart. I’ve just always loved monograms and the preppy, personalized look they add.

I started embroidering items in Fall of 2014 for my personal use and sometimes for family or friends. I’m self-taught, so it was a bit rocky at first – due to trial and error. For all the girls out there reading this and wanting to learn how to embroider – I’ve got you. As I said before, I’m self-taught and found it really hard sometimes to get the information that I was looking for. I went to so many different sources and it was all so confusing! To make it easier for future monogram queens, you can head on over to my blog for tutorials, tips, tricks, and reviews of my favorite embroidery products. Remember – babes support babes.

Back to my story… When I was about a year into my embroidery journey, Joe went to our local sewing shop and purchased a commercial embroidery machine without my permission. As it turns out, that was probably the best thing for me because I would not have had the courage to take that financial risk. Fast forward to today and I’ve got two commercial embroidery machines, 3,000+ sales, and I maintain a five star rating on Etsy. I do my absolute best to ensure that everything you order from me is high quality, affordable, and arrives in a timely fashion.

Our team consists of myself, Joe, and Kenzie. Each monogram is digitized by Kenzie, my fingers-crossed future sister-in-law. All items are embroidered by myself and Joe helps out by trimming the extra threads and stabilizer. Shipping is handled by me mostly, with the assistance of Oliver. He loves putting packages in our Post Office tub for mommy. We are truly a family business and appreciate all of the support that y’all have shown us. With every item you purchase, you are supporting my small business dream and for that I am forever grateful.